Monday, March 31, 2008

5 days!

Nathan only has 5 more days and then he will be back on day shift! We have no idea for how long, it could be a week or it could be several months, but either way I am super excited. Actually getting to see my husband on more than just the weekend will be fabulous.

Speaking of weekends, this past one was pretty surprising for Nathan and I. Our original plans didn't happen, so on Friday we discovered that our weekend was pretty much open. On Saturday we hit some garage and estate sales looking for cheap (but nice!) furniture. We didn't have any luck, but still enjoyed spending the day together. We also called up a couple friends and offered to supply dinner and drinks if they supply the house and games. We had a blast, as we always do with them.

Sunday was reserved for working outside. And yet again, it rained and the yard is still a muddy disaster. But the day wasn't a total loss. We found out that a discount department store nearby was putting their entire inventory on clearance and they had a couple decent dining room sets. We found one that was ok, but we weren't sold. I really need to LOVE furniture and believe it is going to last at least 8 years to buy it. We ended up wandering over to the electronics section and finding a nice 30" TV for just over $200. Flat screen, HD, the whole nine yards. Of course, Nathan talked me into letting him buy it. Freakin' husbands. But actually, it was a good deal and my inner cheap self will probably thank me in a few months. We had been looking at TVs to buy sometime during the summer and ones similar were $600ish at Best Buy. Plus, our old TV is on it's last leg. I imagine that most TVs around that still have wood paneling are probably all going to RIP soon.

On an unrelated note, if anyone has any extra, send me some good vibes this week. I just have a feeling something semi tragic may happen...I have no idea what, but I just have a feeling.


Julia said...

A feeling for something tragic? NOT good. I'll send some vibes.

And I can't let Nate hear about this allowance for a new TV. He'd be way too jealous.

Meghan said...

I'll be hoping that Nathan gets to stay on day shift for a nice long while. I worked the night shift for about a year, and I felt like I never saw was not fun!

It's alarming that you have a bad feeling about this week. I'll also be sending good vibes for no calamities...sheesh!