Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Update on my neck

My neck was super sore on Monday for no apparent reason. I do a decent amount of heavy lifting at work, but I rarely pull muscles or do anything to aggravate my body.

I woke up at about 2 am Tuesday in terrible pain. Nathan was still up on the computer and yelled for him. I couldn't believe how much pain I was in. I was actually nauseous from it. I took Ibuprofen and he lathered me up with Icy Hot. At 4:15 I was better, but not much. I couldn't even brush my own hair without sharp shooting pain.

I got dressed and Nathan and I decided that the best thing was for him to drive me to work because I HAD to go and unlock and do a couple things. At 6:30 am when my boss walked in, he could immediately tell something was wrong. I just said, "It's my neck, I have to go to the hospital." Two minutes later I was walking tilted head to the car.

The Urgent care doctor thinks I probably pulled a muscle and it got aggravated with started causing spasms. She gave me muscle relaxers, which take away about 90% of the pain and I can actually turn my head. It hurts today, but I went into work and toughed it out because missing two days in a row really puts me behind and we had a huge catered event today.

I am kind of disappointed in the muscle relaxers. I've never had take them and I thought that would make me feel loose and groovy. Darn.


Julia said...

Eck! That sounds awful . ARe you sure you didn't do anything out of the ordinary to it? Do you have bad posture? I hope it goes away but if not, you seriously MIGHT need PT:)

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon! Wine is always a good muscle relaxer. ;)

Teresa said...

Julia, I have good posture. But I am keeping an eye on it, just in case it is a more serious problem.

Kristal, Yep, wine is an awesome one, but I can't have it with these meds! But that's ok, I am sure I can hold out a few days until my prescription runs out!

Aimee said...

Hope your neck is feeling better!