Sunday, March 30, 2008

The drinking part, a good hard punch

As promised, I posted a new recipe/cooking technique below. I also would like to touch on the drinking part of this blog. For those of you that know me IRL, you have probably had some kind of cocktail from me before because I just love creating and mixing them up.

While I would love to call this next drink my signature, I really shouldn't. It was a collaboration between myself, my husband, and a good college friend that I miss dearly. We were all sitting around my husband's rundown college house and were just wanting to mix a couple drinks and sit outside. I believe the options in the house were beer, Kahlua, and pineapple rum. Thus, our drink was born. A mixture of pineapple rum and some Hawaiian punch that was in the fridge. BEST. DRINK. EVER. After about five of these babies we decided to name our concoction. It was quite sex on the beach, but it was tropical, so it needed to be something on the beach and kinda dirty (of course):

A Donkey Punch on the Beach:

Equally parts Pineapple rum and Hawaiian punch poured over an orange slice and ice, stir gently.

Try it sometime and don't leave out the orange. it adds just a little something and when the drink is over you eat it and it is full of rum goodness. And watch out, this drink is silent but deadly, for the first couple you may want to try 1/3 part pineapple rum to 2/3 punch.

Hope you like it!


Julia said...

Is it wrong to crave one of these on a Sunday afternoon?

Sounds delightful, especially the name:)

Teresa said...


I think this drink would be a perfect escape on one of your terrible snowy, cold days.

I advise keeping on hand for emergency purposes.