Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Another great half asleep story...

Last night I woke up to some noise on the back porch. I looked over at the clock at it was about midnight, so I figured it was Nathan putting out the trash can for today's pick up. The noise continues and I hear foot steps going all around the porch and what sounds like the yard too.

Ok, no way it is taking him this long and so much effort to put out one trash can with one small bag in it. I can hear more movement. By this time Roxie is up and barking and I am glad. This is obviously not Nathan and hopefully she is scaring whoever or whatever it is into leaving. Nope, I still hear movement. I reach for my phone. Of course, Nathan had left his phone at home, so I couldn't call him and find out if he was close to home.

I am freaked but I still get up slowly and try to see out of the corner of the window. Much to my surprise it's Nathan leaving the back porch and walking to the front of the house. I bolt out of bed and jump out the front door.

"WHAT are you doing!?! Are you trying to kill me?"

He cluelessly replies, "What?"

"What were you doing on the back porch for so long !"

"I was moving the extra bags of topsoil I bought today for the french drain. If Roxie hadn't been sleeping in our bed you wouldn't of even woken up and known." (Roxie sleeps in her crate, but 90% of the time that he is on nights she stays in bed with me until he gets home.)

At this point, I am so crabby I just turn around and walk back into the house. Everything else is kind of a blur due to my sleepy state.


Julia said...

'are you trying to kill me'? I love it.

Heather said...

I hate hate hate when husbands wake you up and you have no idea whats been going on.

Meghan said...

Oooh, Matt would have to watch his back if he did that to me! I'm not the most pleasant girl in the world when I'm awakened unexpectedly :)