Thursday, March 27, 2008

50th post....Ode to stupid moments when you are half asleep.

Yay for post 50!

So the last couple of days Nathan and I have experienced some comical moments. They all stem from the fact that we have opposite schedules. Of course, this effects our sleep patterns in an irritating, but sometimes funny, way.

Apparently on Monday night/early Tuesday morning Nathan came in and woke me up. He asked me some stupid question that I can't recall and I got really angry. According to him, I was talking in my sleep about ends of potatoes. He thought I was really talking to him and he responded with, "Huh? What are you talking about?" then I got pissed and told him to shut up. He claims the next day he was looking all over the refrigerator trying to find a potato dish that he thought I made for him.

Another one.....this morning Nathan heard the front door open and close. He says he jumped out of bed and locked the bedroom door. He thought someone was breaking in so he quickly tried to get a golf club out of our closet. Then he heard a car start and he looked down at the bed to see if I had been woken up by any of the noise. Surprise, surprise, I wasn't there. I had just closed the front door and got in my car to go to work.


Julia said...

Freaking hilarious. Something that would happen in our house regularly, even without opposite sleep schedules.

Also, congrats on the nice review! Same with me, no big increase in pay--nothing more than 4-5% but it's still nice to hear good things:)

Teresa said...

It does make me feel lots better to know that others (not in food) only get about a 4-5% raise.

Meghan said...

I love the potatoes dream :) I don't normally do much but talk in my sleep, but Matt said that the other night I got out of bed, walked to the bedroom doorway and looked up at the doorframe for a few seconds, then got back into bed after telling him to leave me alone when he asked what the hell I was doing...creepy, much?!

Also, kudos on doing a kick-ass job at's always nice to hear, especially when you're relatively new to a position :)

Maria said...

The potatoes sleep conversation cracked me up, especially when Nathan searched the fridge for a potato dish LOVE IT! LOL!