Thursday, March 20, 2008

Starting the weekend early!

My ultra fabulous boss gave me tomorrow off and isn't declaring it a vacation day for me. How cool is that? His justification is that since my office is on the college campus and all other college campus managers got at least a couple days off last week during spring break and I didn't, that I definitely need my own little spring break. I find this really awesome because he even has a super busy day tomorrow and still doesn't mind me being off. Woohoo!

I have big plans too! I am going to attempt to stay up to the wee hour of midnight when Nathan gets home, then I plan on sleeping in until at least 8, getting up and going to get dirt to fill in around the french drain. I know it doesn't sound like that great of a time, but I am seriously going to enjoy the day.

Oh, and if you don't know.....our little house in Valley Park is doing just fine. We are under voluntary evacuation, but since we are in the newer area and not as close to the river as the rest of the town, it would have to get pretty freaking bad for anything to happen to us. But thank God we didn't buy one of the houses we were looking at in the older section of VP, because we would definitely be in a scary situation now. But none of this stopped me from grabbing our home owner's insurance policy and looking up over coverage, just in case.

The last bit of news.....I finally gave in and got my hair cut!

(this is my I feel so stupid for taking a pic of myself with my cell phone camera pose) I like it. :) I've had my hair similar to this before, but not with the uneven thing going on. The back is cute too, kinda choppy. Plus, I really like the girl who cut it. She really took her time and gave me a couple different options.

Of course, tomorrow or the next day it won't be as cute. My hairstyles tend to lose all their cuteness about 2 days after the cut.


Anonymous said...

Your hair! OMG I love your hair!!! It looks fabulous Teresa!

And I'm very glad to hear your house is safe. I've been wondering about you.

Also, just an FYI...I burned the freaking crap out of my finger and thumb today making the chocolate toffee for the winery this weekend. Like, there are huge blisters where my fingerprints should be. So you guys better think the chocolate toffee is the best thing since freaking sliced bread.

Julia said...

LOVE the hair cut. And yay for an extra day off. And what's this about a winery this weekend? JEALOUS!

Teresa said...

Thanks for the compliments Kristal and Julia!

Kristal~ Oh no! That is no good! Do you have some burn cream? I am guessing Chad may know some tricks dealing with burns from being in the food business.

Julia~ Yes, Kristal, Jenn, and I are taking our DH's to a winery in my hometown. I am sure their will be plenty of pics and blog posts to make you feel like you were there.

Trish said...

I LOVE your new hair! :)

And, I'm sad that I wasn't "let in" on this winery trip! :( haha, j/k Have a blast! =D

Aimee said...

Cute hair! Glad to hear your house is ok.

Have fun at the winery. Must say I'm jealous! :-)

Jennifer said...

HOT!!! I love the hair cute - it's actually pretty darn similar to my new 'do. It's so easy to take care'll love doing it yourself.

Kristal - I hoe your finger is recovering're putting me to shame. I haven't even started making the food. That's my project for this evening.

Maggie said...

Your hair looks so cute! I wish I had the courage to chop mine off that short! :) Have fun at the wineries!