Sunday, March 30, 2008

How to grill a pizza

Since I promised a few more cooking related things, I thought I would share one techinque that I do quite often: grilling pizza.

First off, the dough. You can make it or you can buy it, either works fine. Normally, when I go on a Trader Joe's run, I usually stock up and buy 5 of them because they freeze nicely. I do make the dough on occasion, and if anyone is interested in the recipe let me know and I will post it, but it is pretty basic and could be found on any recipe forum/search engine.

Lately I have been making mini pizzas instead of large full sized ones. Mostly because even though I have one of the big pizza peels, the mini's are just easier in my opinion.

Ok, now that you have some dough-mation, the actual process:

Flour hands, pull out dough and put on floured surface. Divide into three or four balls if doing mini's. Use rolling pin and smooth out dough until thin and even. Put on floured cookie sheet or tray.

Have grill already ready to go on low setting. I usually spray my grill with cooking spray to help the dough not stick but be careful for flame ups. Olive oil one side of the dough generously. Put this side down on the grill, again being careful about flame ups. Add olive oil to other side.

Let cook on open grill for 2 minutes or so. Whenever you see faint grill marks on the down side it is ready to be flipped. Also, if it doesn't flip easily, that means it may need another minute. After you flip it, quickly add sauce and toppings and then close the lid so everything can cook/melt. Check after 3-4 minutes. And voila! Pizza from the grill!

Not only is this way fast, but it is super yummy. Last night we took all our ingredients over to a friend's house and made the pizza there. It was a huge hit! We did ham and fresh pineapple on an olive herb dough.

Any questions please ask!

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