Sunday, March 9, 2008

Favorite things (part 6 of 83)

Favorite things part 6 of 83 is going to be short and sweet.

I love weekend bloggers!!!! I usually have a few hours quality computer time on Sundays and nothing is better than drinking a cup of coffee and reading some fabulous blogs.

So thank you weekend bloggers!

P.s. If you didn't know this when you write a draft and publish it a week later, it doesn't go to the top of your blog. It stays at the original day you started it. Just thought I would share, I had to do some deleting and re-typing of this post today. I hope it didn't screw up anyone's GR. :)


Julia said...

I never knew that about drafts! Good to know. I love weekend bloggers, too. It's when I have the most time on the computer anyway:)

Sharon said...

That happened to me the other day! I had to delete the post & cut and paste. So much for being proactive and working ahead :)