Friday, March 14, 2008

This medicine is messing with me

I don't know what has come over me this week...I am acting not normal and I can't figure it out except maybe it is the muscle relaxers doing something funky. I would think it would be me being really relaxed and lazy, but it isn't I have been a little sleepy, but other than that I am not acting like I probably should be acting.

Strange action #1: I told Nathan I wanted to do some touch up painting this weekend and repaint the french doors going outside. I HATE PAINTING, seriously. So I have no idea why I want to touch up some spots of paint on the ceiling that have been there for 10 months.

Strange action #2: I decided I wanted to get laundry over with tonight. I never do laundry on my own, I always do it with Nathan so I can push most of the work off on him.

Strange action #3: Along with laundry I decided I had to clean (yes, on a Friday night). And not just do dishes and vaccum, I scrubbed scuff marks off doors and attempted to get Roxie nail scratches off walls.

I don't know what is going on with me but these behaviors are not typical. Maybe I need to research the drug a little and see if a side effect is "compulsion to clean and do small house projects". Crazy....


Anonymous said...

Maybe your pregnant? It's kinda like you're nesting.

But you better not be! Because there will be no excuses - you will be drinking lots and lots of wine next Saturday!!!

Teresa said...

No, definately not pregnant.

It is funny you should say that though, because when I went to Urgent Care on Tuesday the nurse asked the obligatory, "When was your last period?" I paused and had to think..."Three weeks".
She quickly replied, "Could you be pregnant?"

I said, "slim chance". But what I really wanted to say was, "No, none at all. This is my husband sitting next to me but I don't give him the pleasure of sex."

Julia said...

not good. sign of very bad things for sure:)

Jennifer said...

Hey Kristal - I'm thinking, let's hope she is preggo...a DD!!!