Monday, March 17, 2008

Oh the joys!

Well, after a couple stressful hours of digging we managed to get our french drain project under control and about 90% complete. I say 90 because we still need to throw a little more dirt on top of the drain pipes and clean up the hellish muddy mess. Oh, and plant grass seed, but that seems pretty minor. Of course it just had to rain today and make doing anything to complete the project impossible.

My neck felt pretty good so I did some shoveling, but Nathan ran the "Trencher". We did have a friend come over for about 10 minutes to help us load the mother of a thing back into the truck, but Nathan and I did the rest.
Oh, ummm, in case you are wondering the purpose of this project (maybe I should have included this earlier) we have a problem with drainage in our backyard. Basicly, the back yard slopes to the house so water pools next to the house. Big puddles next to house = mud = damp crawl space = bad stuff. So we saved ourselves about $800 and installed our own drain tile.
I could go into more detail but I think it is pretty boring so that is the cliff notes version. If anyone needs to do this or think they might let me know and I can email you step by step stuff.
Here are some pictures of the project. I don't have any good "before" shots because the cell phone camera is crappy as usual:

I have no idea what Nathan is doing, but I love this last pic because of cute Roxie in the window.

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Julia said...

Oh, Sweet Jesus. Home moanership indeed.

LOVE that pic of Roxie.

And be careful with your neck, girl. PT orders:)