Sunday, March 9, 2008

The weekend activities

This weekend was super relaxing for Nathan and I. In fact, yesterday afternoon Nathan had commented that he hadn't felt so relaxed in a very long time.

Friday night was one of the few Fridays that Nathan had off so we decided to make the most of it and go out with some friends we don't see very often. They are on a limited budget for going out and it was one of the few nights they were able to get a family member to babysit overnight so we knew we had to make the night super fun. We ended up going to Bottleworks for a wonderful dinner. Out of the four of us, I was the only one that had been, so the others were pleasantly surprised at the kick ass food and sticky toffee pudding. We were then planning on going to the dueling piano bar The Jive and Wail , but decided to skip the crowds and overpriced drinks and head back to our place and play this kick ass game nicknamed "Aggravation" that thsi particular couple turned us on to several months ago. Now everytime we see them we have to play because it is so much fun. We played three rounds, drank an entire bottle of vodka, and called it a night.

Saturday we ran errands, lazed around the house, and I did a little cooking. We went to see my family Saturday evening and since they love chocolate covered strawberries I made a huge batch. But since several of my family members are trying to lose weight, I also attempted to make a low fat, yummy dessert my mom used to serve in her restaurant (Diet Chocolate Eclairs). I use the word attempted because it didn't turn out perfect. I didn't let the cream cheese get soft enough and when I beat it in it had little chunks all over the place. I normally would have just kept beating until it all became smooth, but I know the rest of the mixture would have gotten watery and ruined. So rather than taking something less than perfect because I would be embarassed, I just left it at home and now Nathan and I can eat the less than desirable dessert.

Today we slept in and it was fabulous. I rarely get to sleep in late, but when I do it is fabulous. The rest of today we are heading over to the in-laws to do landry (yep, still have plumbing problems) and see Nathan's sister, who is home from Spring Break.

All-in-all, a great weekend, made even better by the fact that I get to go into work about 45 minutes later tomorrow! It will feel so good to "sleep in" until 5 am!


Julia said...

Mmmmmm, chocolate eclairs. Yummy! Sounds like a perfect weekend to me. I love unwinding on the weekends [very soon, I tell myself, I'll have my weekends back] :)

Anonymous said...

This post made me LOL, and I think you know why...

Jennifer said...

LOL at you and Kristal!!!