Friday, March 21, 2008

For the idiots on Channel 5

I don't like to post angry so I let myself cool off a little before writing this post.

But some stupid moron was standing at the intersection of 44 and 141 while Channel 5 was filming the news and he said that even though he saw the flood in '82 the way it was now was just "awesome!".

Yeah, no it is not "awesome". This flood is horrific and devastating. People are losing their homes and a few have even died due to this flood.

I am not a violent person but if I had been there at 141 and 44 today when this guy was talking, (which, by the way, I wouldn't because I am not stupid and need to be behind a camera waving like an idiot) I may have punched him in the face. Why don't you go down to St. Louis Ave in VP and tell someone that is sandbagging around their house that this is "awesome".

No one should be excited about this occurrence. Just because you think it is "cool" to see water everywhere doesn't mean it is cool, it means you are a douche bag.

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The Bugala's said...

We don't watch Channel 5, but so far those on Channel 2 have a brain. :) My thoughts are definitely with those in Valley Park, Fenton, Eureka, etc. I have friends in all three so I only pray that all are safe and remain safe.