Thursday, May 29, 2008

The numbers game

1- The number of how many bottles of wine I will drink solo tonight. :)
2- The number of times this week someone has asked me if I have lost weight...score!
3- The weeks that I was without vending sales at my busiest campus due to theft
4- The weeks that has been the most stressful time ever at work.
5- The number of ravioli that cost $12 at one of the restaurants at Lumiere.
6- The number of days that I actually believed I was going to swear off hard alcohol for life.
7- The amount of ugly dresses tried on when trying desperately to find a good one. WTH is with all this crappy fashion out!?
8- The pounds lost since the "Quest to be healthy" started.
9- The percentage I am over on food cost this month....eek!
10- The number of times I checked my email from work today.
11- The amount of potatoes I used in my huge batch of fabulous potato soup last night.
12- The number of times the f bomb dropped in one sitting last week during a particularly stressful day.
13- How many times I felt like a total Mom during a bachelorette party.
14- The days that I didn't blog. Yes, I suck. But can't you appreciate my first post back being so creative???

Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's 10:30 pm and I am still awake

I think it is some kind of miracle that I am still wide awake at this time....especially after 3 large berry martinis and a 13 hour work day.

Funny story of the day:

Their was a board of trustees meeting at the college where I work today. They always have a nice catered dinner beforehand in the president's office area and I usually help out in some way, shape, or form with it.

Tonight Boss #1 and I were picking up the food and china from the event and Mike Owens of News channel 5 was waiting with camera man to try and catch the president of the college. (I have no idea why....).

Anyway, Boss #1 pulls out a cart of dishes follow by me with another cart. Owens says to him, "So what was for dinner tonight?" Without skipping a beat Boss #1 says, "Fish, but don't quote me on that!"

Maybe it was the 13 hour work day catching up with me, but I thought that was freaking hilarious!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pissed off

I am pissed for several reasons at the moment.

Nathan learned that he will be on night shifts for the next two weeks. Effective TODAY. He actually went in at 9 and they told him to go home and come back later. Effing bullshit for sure. What employer does that? At least call him before he goes in or not start him on these shifts until you give him at least some notice!!! Plus, we have plans on Friday night and now he is supposed to work. It's total crap.

Maybe this is god's way of clearing up his schedule during the day so he can go on some interviews. At least I hope that's the "grand plan".

A couple other things are on my mind too, but I better not post. But, just for those of you keeping score out there, it isn't work related. Surprising right?

Open letter #2

Dear Nathan, I hope you really did enjoy your birthday yesterday. I am still a little skeptical.

Dear Co-worker, If you have something to say just say it! Don't be like, "Well I was going to tell you something but I think you would mad." Ah, hello, that's like saying, "I have a secret but I can't tell you." Actually, you know what, don't tell me. If it is some kind of criticism I would rather be blissfully ignorant since it wouldn't really serve any person then to just make me subconscious.

Dear Yard, You obviously took my last letter to heart. Thank you so very much for the small sections of grass!! But if you could stop growing so many weeds in the other sections that would be great, thanks.

Dear Roxie, You are so darn cute, but please, please, stop being such a huge PITA. Your evenings of barking and constant needs for attention are getting tiresome.

Dear Job, Thank you for allowing me not to arrive until 6:15 am on Monday. It was really weird to arrive without it being dark, but that was fabulous. In addition, thank you for giving me a relatively normal day.

Dear Wii, You shall not defeat me. I shall master Mario Kart, boxing, and tennis.

Dear Blogspot, Thank you for doing scheduled posting! I heart it and am using it for this post!

Monday, May 12, 2008

More drink recipes

In the past couple months for some reason Nathan and I have been pulling out old drink recipes that we used to make in college and giving them a much needed revile. Hence the recent post about the best drink ever, the Donkey Punch on the Beach. Here are two more oldies but goodies:

Teresa's Berry Martini:
2 shots Bacardi Razz rum
1 shot Wildberry Pucker
1 shot Berry or Fruit Punch Juicy Juicy

Shake with ice, serve in favorite glass. Not really a martini, but very yummy, and the first two ingredients make a great shot too!

Cherry Vodka Sour:
1 part sour mix
1 part Vodka (regular or cherry)
Splash of grenadine

Shake with ice, serve in favorite glass. Not super creative, but still yummy and a great drink to order at any bar that has a special on well drinks.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

My emotional roller coaster

I have actual sat down to blog about 4 times in the last five days, but everytime I do it is all work, work, work. Work has freaking consumed me yet again. This week should have been great, but more theft occurred and a super ugly termination that directly affects me.

I was proud though, because I feel like I really held myself together. I used to be not be able to handle stress at all. I would totally freak out, cry, puke, the works. And although this week I came close to those points I never really hit them full blast.

However, it has still been a stressful few weeks and I had never looked more forward to a weekend. Especially last night because Nathan and I were just going to run a quick couple errands and then watch a movie. We had both been wanting to see "Feast of Love" with Morgan Freeman and it had just been sitting at our house for over a week waiting to be watched.

What a bad idea. That movie was an emotional roller coaster and that was all it took for me to really let out my emotions. I only occasionally cry while watching movies, but last night I became almost hysterical. The roller coaster of love, death, and a cute English Setter just got to me and I just let it all out. I had one of those cries that makes your throat hurt and get all dry.

I guess in some ways I needed to do that and at least I did it at home and not at work. I just wish I could handle stress in a better way. I have certainly made a lot of improvement, but I am still not at an acceptable level of stress handling. I am sure this will be acquired over time, but I wish it would come quickly.

One big positive I can say is that the past few weeks of work have shown me that I have an amazing support system. It has been great to come home and see positive comments from bloggers. In addition, even though I have mentioned dozens of times that Boss #1 is awesome, the past few weeks have really made me appreciate him and the other couple star employees that have been ready to help me with whatever I need. Thank GOD for good people.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy cinco de mayo!!!

I seriously have about 3o seconds to blog, but wanted to wish everyone a happy Cinco de Mayo!

I love May 5th, because it is always a great excuse to get together with friends and eat some good food. Usually we go out, but tonight we invited a bunch of people over for dinner and margaritas. At this point we had a lot of people cancel, but I am still excited about an evening of homemade salsa and some laughs!

Oh, and I didn't think work could get much worse, but it did....I am managing my stress well though and I have a great feeling things are going to get better this week and next!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The definition of irony

Nathan just came home from the annual guys/kids family fishing trip. It is a tradition from my family that just celebrated its 30th year. Nathan has gone a few years with my dad and the last couple of years my father-in-law joined them.

So, this time last year Nathan and I were about to put an offer on our house. My dad and father-in-law didn't really think we were ready for a house and chose to tell Nathan about it on the fishing trip. Of course, I was pissed at the whole situation, but that is another story entirely.

This year, my dad and Nathan had another conversation about us being property owners. Nathan tells me the conversation went a little like this:

Dad: "So, is that vacant lot next to you still for sale?"
Nathan: "Yeah, it is. Last I heard it was $10,000 though."
Dad: "Wow, really? That tiny lot? It's not like you could even put a house on it!"
Nathan: "Yeah, I know."
Dad: "Well, if I were you I would offer them $3,000 for it. You could really build some equity into your home if you had that lot."
Nathan: "Yeah, but that would be more yard to take care of!"

In addition, father-in-law also told Nathan later in a completely separate conversation, that he thought we should look into buying the lot.

Isn't it ironic that last year at this same trip Nathan was getting discouraged from buying a house and this year he is encouraged to make a purchase of a little land? I love them to death but things like this kill me.

Something I am excited about....

Blogger has decided to do scheduled posting! Which means you can make drafts and then schedule them to post on certain days.

Call me a nerd but I think I am going to be loving this feature. I tend to get on a blog writing kick and hate publishing them all at once. I know it's weird, but I really enjoy reading blogs that have semi-regular posts rather than reading three at one sitting. Woohoo!

Also, thanks to all the words of encouragement from readers on my last post. While I don't feel like I deserve it, nice words nonetheless. Yep, somethings aren't the greatest right now, but a lot of people are doing a lot worse than me, plus this is just a small insignificant fraction of my life.

Anyway, hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


The good stuff- The weather is getting nicer, I see actual PATCHES of grass coming in, I got to go to one of my favorite places ever yesterday (Dave and Busters), Nathan is still on day shift and will be for a couple more months it appears, and He and Roxie are happy and healthy

The bad stuff- Another insane week of work and the week isn't over yet, I am falling wayyy behind on DVR'ed shows, and I am getting totally stressed out not being able to keep up with Google Reader.