Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Stress and a vow

Yesterday was rough for me. I got to work and found out that 5 of my vending machines had been broken into and all their currency had been taken.

When this occurs I have to switch into high gear. Getting product out of the machines and securing them is priority as well as getting them off campus as quickly as possible. I also have to make about a dozen phone calls to people that get highly irritated when this happens.

As you can see, I have dealt with this before. And since it is always the same campus now the college is thinking about getting rid of those machines completely, which would totally suck for me considering it is the campus that does the most sales.

Onto the next dad called me. Anytime this happens I know something is up. My dad and I have a WONDERFUL relationship but we are before very far from being phone people. With the exception of one person I can talk to, I hate, hate, hate talking on the phone to anyone. But back to my dad....he informed me very nicely that I hadn't returned a few of my mother's phone calls. I've had a lot going on between my yard, town flooding, hospital visit, Easter and vending break-ins and I guess I just hadn't noticed that well, yes, maybe I hadn't returned 2 or 3 of my mother's calls in the past couple of weeks. Plus we skipped their place this Easter to see Nathan's family, which wasn't a big deal but still resulted in less contact with my mom.

Apparently she was worried. VERY worried. She thought something was terribly wrong like Nathan and I were getting a divorce, we were behind on our mortgage, I was going through a deep depression, etc. So after convincing my Dad I was fine, we agreed I would get off the phone right away and phone my Mom and just leave out the part that he called me. Thank goodness my Dad can help clue me back into reality.

So that's my stress. Wine and sleep therapy is helping.

This is my vow: I will post more cooking related stuff on this blog. In the beginning I told some readers outside of blog world that I would do this and I have really been lacking. Plus, eating is in the freaking title! So I will make a strong effort to post a recipe or technique or cooking something every week. Plus, I will try and touch the "drinking" part too besides just talking about my wine consumption and drunk debauchery.


Julia said...

Best solution: tell your mom to read your blog! It totally helps mine feel more connected when we can't talk on the phone or email all the time. She's had a hard time with me up here and the blog works wonders for her. She emails me after every post:)

That is, of course, assuming your mom is hip to the internet like mine.

And I'm so sorry about the stupid break ins. People are so disrespectful sometimes. I hope it works out!

Kristal said...

Vending machine break-in? Yikes. What a pain. :( All the more reason for margaritas!! ;)

Jennifer said...

Vending machine break-ins?? I've never heard of such a thing...I would think that it would be a very difficult thing to do - jeez, there sure are a lot of idiots in the world!

Hopefully today is lots better!!!

Maggie said...

How much money can there be in a vending machine? And who would want to cart off all those coins? Jeeze! I hope it all works out and they don't pull those machines from that school.

My mom is the opposite. If I call, she wonders what's wrong! :)