Wednesday, February 6, 2008

When life throws lemons at you go ahead and be pissed, lemons to the head hurt.

Just when things are going good for me job wise, poor Nathan hits a big bump. The company he works for annouced today that no one on salary would receive a raise this year. He was so upset. I actually wasn't surprised because I wasn't counting on much of raise for him. I mean, last year he got like 1% or some measly number.

But he is understandably upset, and although he has casual been job hunting before, he is now hard core.

I honestly believe the situation is going to come out positive and even though it may take awhile he will get a job with better money and hours, because what he currently has is crap. He is between 5,000 to 10,000 under paid for this area and he works evenings, the complete opposite of me.

If anyone needs to hire an awesome corporate or call center trainer, let me know.


Julia said...

Wait one minute here....I just noticed you had a LINK for a name on my blog comments! Whoo hoo, I'm so excited for this blog. It's about time, my dear.

And back to the subject: I hope Nathan [great name!] finds a much better job and never looks back. It sucks being stuck in a job that you KNOW is horrible but you can't really get out. It will happen but good for you keeping a positive attitude about it.

Yay, one more time!

Teresa said...


Well, you posted the other day that you had 45 posts on Reader to catch up on so I didn't want to stress you out with a few more. I knew you would find it eventually.
I will never be able to have a blog with as many readers and as cool as yours. I am jealous of your coolness. :P

I appreciate the kind words about Nathan's job. Keeping a positive attiude is something that I am really working on these days.