Friday, February 15, 2008

Not the best day for Teresa and family

Ok, so earlier this week I posted about my washer needing to be fixed because it was leaking. Well, the washer is fine. The floor drain in the basement is clogged. Nathan and I being smart and ambitous (and cheap) decide to try and fix the problems ourselves. We rented a mini rooter from Home Depot, got it home and tried to fix the clog. Father in law comes over because he is the neighberhood for work and tries to lend a hand. What a mess. I suggest that we use our Christmas present wet dry vac and get some of the water out so we can maybe see the problem a little better or at the very least the guys wouldn't have to keep sticking their hands in ice cold nasty water.

Great idea until father in law doesn't latch the vac, drops it and water goes everywhere. I instantly laugh, because honestly when black nasty water goes all over your basement you really have three options: 1. laugh 2. cry 3. curse. Laughing was the first thing that came to mind.

We seemed to be making some progress, so we tried using a plunger just in case it was a clog that could come up and again me made some progress, then all of a sudden major back up.....and I won't go into detail and gross anyone out, but let me just say it was bad, really, really bad. By this time our 4 hour rental is almost up on the mini rooter and Nathan had to go to work. Um, isn't this the kind of thing you can skip work for? Really. But he insisted on going.

I finally mustered up enough courage to put on old clothes and go back to the basement and try to shift the washer even further away from the drain and clean up. I can't believe I was able to do this. I dumped bleach on the floor and got up what I could with a towel and old mop combo. Not much left, but still not real clean. I think to myself, I just need a few rags and I could get the rest of this up.....

The next part of the story just shows how freakin crazy I am. I took off my shirt, shook my head and put it on the floor. So there I am, shirtless in old jeans and mud boots, cleaning up the floor.

At least it is semi clean for when the plumber comes tomorrow. But it looks like no visiting friends this weekend....unless the problem gets fixed quickly and we can hit the road at a decent time. But it is really doubtful. Plus if we have to drop some obscene amount of money for this to get fixed we really shouldn't be making road trips.

Well, what can you do? Shit happens. We shall see what the plumbers say tomorrow.

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