Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another weekend didn't go as planned.

Freaking floor drain didn't get fixed correctly last Saturday. Grrrr. Luckily for us, when our neighbor (who actually lived in our house for a short time) saw a plumber poking around outside she came over and informed him that we do have outside access to the lines and she pointed him in the right direction. None of us found the access, but we will! The progress was of course stopped by the fact that it snowed again. I had no idea that was supposed to happen.

But anyway, Nathan and I were supposed to make a last minute winery trip with his parents, but because of the drain, we didn't. So we started cleaning which was become an every week thing due to one major factor: dog hair. Roxie sheds just as heavily in winter as she does in summer and her hairs were staring to be long.

So we finally broke down and took her a groomer. After 3 hours of doggie day spa treatment, Roxie is adorable, soft, happy, and (for at least the time being) will not be leaving little white hairs all over my house. She really doesn't look that different except for the fact that she has a wayyyy smaller tail. Who knew she had so much hair on her tail! And we can see some new spots all over her body.

These are not the best cute pics of her, so here are a couple bonus ones of Roxie from last weekend, in one of her favorite places...the car!

Roxie is really super cute with a bandanna. Don't you think?


Maggie said...

Aw, she's so cute! I'm sure she's glad to have that hair off. Dogs always seem to be happier right after it's cut off. :)

Julia said...

A dog with a bandana will always win my heart. Sucks about the drain, I hope it gets fixed and never comes back to haunt you!

Roxie is too cute!

Teresa said...

Yay a new reader! Thanks for the compliment Maggie! Roxie appreciates it!

I didn't know about your blog and let me tell you it is super cool! Thanks for reading and it was great getting to hang out with you a little at the GNO.

Teresa said...

Julia, what is it with dogs and bandanas, really? They are just too fabulous.

Roxie appreciates your comment as well. ;)