Monday, February 11, 2008

Laundry, in-laws, and taxes, oh my!

Yesterday was the first day since I started the blog that I didn't post a new and exciting post. While I know that lots of people that write blogs don't update them daily I am still kind of bummed because I was wanting to be dedicated to at least write something daily. But yesterday was a busy day.

First, I had water in my basement a few days ago. That sucks. I (yes, me) determined that it wasn't the actualy basement getting water but the washer was leaking. So even though that is no good it will probably be less to fix than some kind of major issue in the basement. However, my whole schedule was thrown off track because Sunday is laundry and grocery shopping day. So with a week's worth of work clothes dirty for both Nathan and I we headed over to the in-laws house.

Now I love my in-laws. They are really good people at heart. We don't always get along, but overall we have a good relationship. We especially have a good relationship when I visit their house. Being a semi-poor, semi-newlywed certain things I really appreciate about their house:
1. Lots of name brand snacks. I don't keep a lot of snacks in the house because they are expensive and unhealthy. And even when we do buy them, I am wayyyy to cheap to buy the fancy namebrand ones that are oh so delicious. But the in-laws are big grocery shoppers, so they are never lacking this stuff.
2. Flat screen TVs, satelite dish, tons of movies, etc. I think those things kind of explain themselves.
3. Home cooked meals. While it is apparent I enjoy cooking, I enjoy it even more when someone talented (like my father in law) does it for me and I don't pay for it! Throw in not having to do much clean up and I am sold!

So not only did we get food, TV, more food and laundry done, but we got to spend some quality time with them which is always good too. It put me in a good mood for the bad news I got today.

Oh taxes.....we used father in law's accountant this year because of buying a house and we wanted to make sure we got all our deductions. Well, he called me today asking me about a couple items because it "wasn't looking good for us". EEkk. He wanted me to look at a couple things from closing on our home and if I didn't see any money paid to A, B or C we may have to pay 1300 or so between MO and Federal.

In keeping with my recent new found positive attiude I was upset about this for about 2 minutes. Did we think we were going to be getting a lot back since we bought a house this year? Yes. Did we already have the money spent? No, we definatley already had plans for it, but we waited to purchase our plans. Thank God for that.

Nathan is going to go over there tomorrow and make sure we didn't forget to give him something since we have a ton of 1099s. But it is out of my hands now, if we have to pay, we have to pay, period. Not much I can do to fix that sp I may as well not get upset about it.

Hopefully my readers will have better luck than me on washing machines and tax refunds this week. :)


Julia said...

Eck. I hate laundry and money stresses me out to no end. You are a better woman than I for being so positive about everything! Pass a little of that good attitude my way!

Teresa said...

::sending good attiude your way:::
Seriously though, I don't know what recent events got me thinking this way, it just started happening.

I will have to investigate into this "positive attiude" and come up with a separate post about it.

Jennifer said...

You're attitude is awsome...can I have some of it too?

Teresa said...

Absolutely, Jenn. It will probably hit you one day just like it hit me!