Friday, February 29, 2008

Yay work!

I am really upbeat today. Not only is it B-E-A-U beautiful outside, I found out at work today that I had awesome numbers for the month. For those of you not in Vending Management, the business is all about good numbers. Meeting food cost, labor, etc. January wasn't so great for me, but February was right on track! Woot!

I am also in a great mood because even though I worked a long 14 hour day yesterday, I got a lot of great compliments on some garnishing and table presentations that I did for a really important meeting on campus. Even though I may not be a practicing chef anymore, I occasionally help with some events and it is always nice to get compliments on my "work".

Here are some pics:

These really aren't some of the best that I have done, but the event coordinators were blow away by everything (I also did a pretty fruit display, but I don't have a pic :(.) which is always nice to hear.

One of these days I will try and post a blog with more food pics since they are kind of like my "art".

Happy Friday!


Maggie said...

Those look really good Teresa. It's making me hungry! :)

Julia said...

Mmm. I agree, they make me hungry and I just ate dinner:)

Julia said...

Oh, and TAG you're it:)

Jennifer said...

Can I just say that I love you labeled this post "woot woot"!!!