Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The story of Teresa, the awarding winning actress

Taking blog requests is cool in my book. And after me sharing a tidbit about my past on my favorite forum, one of my ultra cool, fabulous readers requested more info.
I used to act in plays, musicals, and murder mysteries. I LOVED it. For awhile I can say this was a true passion on mine.
As a child I was pretty theatrical. I had two older sisters in the arts so I got a fair amount of exposure to plays even with living in a small town. I would see plays and recite lines. I would renact favorite moments from books and movies. I was super entertaining to almost all of my friends. I went to small private school that didn't have any kind of theatre program but they did have "speech" competitions. There were basicly kids competing from various schools doing monologues. I did every event I could. Drama, Comedy, Duet, etc. I would get close to perfect scores, if not perfect, everytime. I loved every moment of it. Besides that I did church plays and just kind of waited out getting done with junior high so I could go to the big public high school and do real shows.
In high school, the once a year fall play consumed me. from August to November all I could think was play, play, play.... My freshmen year I had the great priveledge of having a named part in "Dracula, the Musical?" even though my singing totally sucked. I envied the lead role Seniors and Juniors and yelled and screamed when they took the final bow at the curtain call. They rocked. My sophmore year was great too, I had a ton of fun in the play version of "Get Smart".
Between shows I worked some murder mystery dinner theatres. This were so fun and I got paid to do them! I did everything from the train shows to B&B shows. The roles were all improv, I just had a list of things I had to get across and things I wouldn't reveal until the end of the night. Those nights were sooooo awesome. And while playing dead while people poke you and yell is one of the hardest things ever, it was still so cool.
One summer I even went to a theatre camp/seminar in Michigan. It was so great. 3 weeks of acting nonstop and at the end they picked one student as the best of all of them to come back the next year. Guess what? It was me! I beat out all the others from around the country! When they annouced my name I was shocked and so happy. It was too cool and the following year I came back to the camp for free.
Then my Junior year started and I played one of the leading roles in a hilarious show called "Faith County". What is note worthy about this show is that was in 99 and to this day, people still come up to me and my friends when we are in our hometown because they recognize us, tell us how funny it was. My Senior year I was a title role, which is one of the most amazing things ever, even for small high school plays. I starred in "Lady Dracula", which wasn't the greatest of plays, but getting to be a villian is the most fun ever. And the last night of the show when I took my final bow I realized that people were screaming and cheering loudly for me. Nothing can beat that feeling.
After wrapping LB it was time to seriously start thinking about college. Although I love theatre, I knew that I wasn't cut out to do it in college...too competitive. And even though I was told I was the best actress in school, college was a different story, those were going to be people that really knew what they were doing. Sure, I had one that ultra cool award in Michigan, but what did that mean really?
But after hearing about some auditions for full scholarships from a totally overbearing teacher, I went to one and auditioned. What I thought would be a waste of a Saturday turned into a two year full ride as long as I participated in all shows in some form or another.
The first show auditions came up quickly. I was totally apprehensive but still gave it my all. If I didn't make the play then I would have to paint sets or something and I really didn't want to do that. To my utter surprise, I got the lead! My first show in college and I was the lead!!!! I was Ruth in the drama "Book of Days". While the show itself was weird, it was amazing. I embrace so much of the character that I became a little Ruth myself. With that show under my belt I did about 4 more in the short time I was at that college. Each role was fabulous and I had a wonderful ensemble that I acted with in each of them.
Unfortunately, things can't stay that great forever. I finished my two year degree and transferred to a University. My fear of sucking consumed me and I didn't do any shows there.
I still love acting and would eventually like to get into some type of community theatre. And as much as I would love to try and "make it" no way that will ever happen. I am not about to move to New York or California and get lipo to drop 100 lbs.
No thanks....I will just stick with my great memories of the shows, people, and those wonderful cheers.


Nikki said...

Very interesting... I used to be a magician's assistant... :)

Teresa said...

OK, I would love to hear more about that!