Friday, February 15, 2008

150% increase, what gives?

Last night was quite the night. I posted yesterday that we were going to my favorite Mexican place because of $2 margaritas that were soooo good. Well, we get there and the price went up to 2 for $5. Yes, it is only a 50 cent increase. But these margaritas were $1 4-5 months ago. 150% increase in 4-5 months!?! How riduculous! I know the increased price of corn is probably affecting Mexican restaurants hard, but come on...leave my tequila alone!

Plus, they changed the salsa and the portion of my favorite meal was changed. We still had a great time, but all the changes definately bummed me out.

It also bummed me out when I face planted on a side walk at my friend's Dan house. I blame my clogs and the curb and not the fact that I had a pitcher of margaritas by myself and a corona.

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