Thursday, February 7, 2008

Favorite things (part 2 of 83)

Well, today's addition of favortie things features someone that probably should have been featured in the first post; however this "thing" isn't too blog supportive so I suppose it isn't too bad to put him in part 2.

Blogging world, meet my husband, Nathan. :)

He is a 25 year old amazing person that has taught me a lifetime's worth of life and love within a few years. Not only does he love me unconditionally, but he is truly sentimental and kind to everyone he meets. One of his best qualities is that he deeply cares for each and everyone of his family and friends even when they haven't always given him the same respect.

He takes my competitive nature with stride, and isn't too embarassed to admit that I sometimes wear the pants in the family. He does little things to help me out/cheer me up all the time.

He is a master of pancakes, cornbread, and flourless peanut butter cookies and occasionally the grill when I let him near it.

Anyone who tries to steal him after this post will have to deal with my scary side. ;)


Julia said...

You two are completely adorable. Gotta love a man who lets the woman wear the pants...every now and then:)

Great post!

I'll step off your "nathan" since I have one of my own:)

Jennifer said...

Great posts and I ove the pictures! See you tonight :)

Teresa said...

Julia, thanks for the adorable comment, that brought a smile to my face.

Jen, thanks for saying great posts, I sometimes worry people will be bored.