Monday, February 4, 2008

My blogging frustration

Ok, so if you scroll down you will see that I made my first post. Yay me! But with this post came much frustration. So much frustration that the creation of the last blog involved three cups of coffee with yummy flavored creamer, 1 1/2 Schlafly pale beers, at least one hour of being upset because I couldn't get pictures in the blog successfully, one venting post on the my favorite forum, at least two comments from husband about how he "didn't get the whole blog thing".

Well, I got pics to post, obviously, but damn blogger why can't I add more than five pics at once and why is it so difficult to move them! Yesterday I took a dozen pics showing how I make these yummy cookies. And stupid blogger won't let me easily put them in order!!!! WTF!?! Plus, the pics are blurry, that really bothers me, but not to the point that I won't post them.

Worst part of all blogger makes me feel stupid for not being able to figure these things out myself. I am not usually this scary negative, I don't know if I can continue this blog if I get so cranky.


Amanda said...

I hate the picture thing too! But you get used to it.

Team Boyd said...

I have problems with the pictures too. You have to move them down SOOOOOO slow to get them to go down. I wish they would just let you upload, type, upload, type but it doesn't. Boo.

Teresa said...

Thanks for sharing my sorrows Brea and Amanda!