Tuesday, February 19, 2008

So much...

What a crazy weekend! After the plumbers fixed the floor drain issue, Nathan and I got ambitious and drove all the way down to Dexter afterall. Short trip but super fun. We ate at this total out in the middle of nowhere place called Cowtown. Cowtown had great catfish and sides, I am sure the steak is good too, but I was in the mood for good ole fried fish.

On Sunday we got back home just before noon which was just enough time for me to unpack, repack and shower before heading to KC for a short business trip. What a crazy few days! I am soooo happy to be home and even happier because this week Nathan is on day shift so we get to see each other and I get to cook!

I plan on posting my fabulous menu for this week so stay tuned!!!

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Jennifer said...

Can you get on that posting menu thing? I'm seriously sick of Brian and I eating the same thing everyday. I need some new ideas (that are simple please)

See you Friday!