Monday, February 4, 2008

Favorite things (Part 1 of 83)

Ok, well, I started this blog so everyone could be oh so impressed with my life (not really). Honestly, this whole blog thing seems to be the cool thing to do and I am always trying to be more cool.

I am thinking that most of my readers either won't know me or know very little about me, so for my first post I decided that there is no better way for my readers to get to know me than through a few of my favorite things. So this post is the first in a series of 83, because 83 is a cool random number. :)

I spend a good part of the day Sunday taking pics of stuff around the house I really love. Unfortuately, I have no digital camera except for the one on my phone so the pictures are a little crappy looking. I apoligize, but hey, you will get the idea.

Yep, it is a stove. Exciting, I know. But in the past few years of cooking professionally and not so professionally I have tried to expand my culinary horizons and a good stove is key to this. And luckily I have a great one. Gas stoves are awesome. I still fear that one day there will be a gas leak and I will die a painful, exploding death, but oh well.
This is Roxie. She is a huge PITA but I still love her. She's some kind of English Setter mix, but I definately see Lab too. She is so much of a favorite thing that she gets three pictures!
Even with being in a house with hardwood for 6+ months she still can't keep her stance.
Yep, she's a cutie.
My never been used, fave Christmas gift---a firepit. yes, it is on the living room floor at the moment. One of these days it will be brave enough to go into the wild of our yard. One of these days......
I am a game freak. I am super competitive and all of my friends love playing any kind of game with me because I make them roll laughing. While it may seem corny to some, I love board games. Spend $25 on one and you have countless nights you may never forget with friends, complete strangers, and your significant other that you threatened witholding sex to at least twice within one game of Monopoly because they purposely wouldn't sell you St. Charles Place, not because they needed it but just because you wanted it! But I digress, I love games. The End.
At one point in my life I was a infomercial junkie. I had the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer, the plastic containers that all fit on the lazy susan, the silcone bakeware, etc. But out of all of them, the Magic Bullet has been my best friend. It has ground my coffee, made a killer frozen drink, and consoled me after my failed attempt of homemade salsa.
I love hot anything. I normally go through an entire big bottle of hot sauce within two weeks. My husband Nathan thinks I am burning holes in my insides.

I have a super cool bar glass collection. Tons of wine glasses as well as a good selection of martini and other cocktail glasses. While I do use them, I just enjoy the fact that each set has a story. Like the set of blue stemmed martini glasses in the back are an incomplete set after I used them to decorate a dessert display at my Grandma's wonderful 80th bday party.

Just a little taste of Teresa. Hopefully that amused someone for at least 30 seconds.


Jennifer said...

Welcome to the bloggin world. And I, too, love my gas stove, but fear that it will blow me up won day

Teresa said...

Lol, it is good to know that I am not the only one. ;)

Rebecca said...

Teresa, we have to get together for a game night! Ryan and I are itching to do that! We love to play the Trival Pursuit DVD game!

Teresa said...

Definately! We are always looking for new couples to play games with!

Heather said...

I so glad to see another board game lover. Mike gets so mad cause I always want him to play with me and he never does!Welcome to the blog world.

Amanda said...

Welcome to the blogging world!! I too like to collect interesting barware (it started as my fiance not knowing what to get me for special occasions) but I don't have anywhere close to the collection you have.

Team Boyd said...

Teresa, I am so glad you started a blog. Teehee, even if it was out of peer pressure ;) Then I'll get to see how you, Nathan and Roxie are doing!

Glad you like the stove!

Oh and I was amused!

Teresa said...

Heather and Amanda, thanks for the welcome! I hope you come back.

Teresa said...

Brea, well, it looks like at least a couple people will be reading so it won't be a waste of time.

Per your request previously I will try and document some of my kitchen creations so be sure to check back!