Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Chai Tea OVERLOAD and another favorite thing (part 3 of 83)

I have been going overboard on Chai Tea Lattes lately. I have drank five since Sunday night, which for the usually coffee fanatic I am, this is a lot. Luckily, none of them have been out, they have all been brewed in my amazingly wonderful Tassimo.

For those of you that don't know the pure of awesomeness of the Tassimo, go to there website and read up on it next time you are bored. It makes tea, hot chocolate, coffee, lattes, and now chai!

I am actually pretty picky about chai lattes. Most of the time they are really toooo sweet or too heavy on a tea flavor. The Tassimo ones are pretty good though. Of course I would take a fresh coffeehouse chai latte over a homemade one any day, but still they are pretty darn good considering they make a good size mug full for 63 cents (thank you Target for the lower price in store that online!) versus 3 plus dollars. Of course, I don't figure in the $170 dollars we paid for the Tassimo when we bought it with wedding gift cards ;)

Another good thing is that the Tassimo ones are less in calories and sugar vs. an instant mix I get at Trader Joes. Still a good substiute, but I am really digging this new chai. It is definately a favorite thing for this week. Obviously, because I just started sipping number 6. Hehe.


Jennifer said...

I love your favotire things posts :) I've never had a chai tea...I know - GASP! Maybe I'll have to try one on my next trip to Starbucks

Teresa said...

Lol, I was commenting on your blog while you were commenting on mine!

I actually despise tea, but love chai tea. Definately try one sometime.

And I am glad you enjoy the favorite things post since there are 80 of them left!

Julia said...

Mmmmm, Chai Tea. I love that stuff and now I'm craving a big fat one from Starbucks!

Teresa said...

Oh God, all this talk about Starbucks may mean an unscheduled stop tomorrow!