Sunday, May 4, 2008

The definition of irony

Nathan just came home from the annual guys/kids family fishing trip. It is a tradition from my family that just celebrated its 30th year. Nathan has gone a few years with my dad and the last couple of years my father-in-law joined them.

So, this time last year Nathan and I were about to put an offer on our house. My dad and father-in-law didn't really think we were ready for a house and chose to tell Nathan about it on the fishing trip. Of course, I was pissed at the whole situation, but that is another story entirely.

This year, my dad and Nathan had another conversation about us being property owners. Nathan tells me the conversation went a little like this:

Dad: "So, is that vacant lot next to you still for sale?"
Nathan: "Yeah, it is. Last I heard it was $10,000 though."
Dad: "Wow, really? That tiny lot? It's not like you could even put a house on it!"
Nathan: "Yeah, I know."
Dad: "Well, if I were you I would offer them $3,000 for it. You could really build some equity into your home if you had that lot."
Nathan: "Yeah, but that would be more yard to take care of!"

In addition, father-in-law also told Nathan later in a completely separate conversation, that he thought we should look into buying the lot.

Isn't it ironic that last year at this same trip Nathan was getting discouraged from buying a house and this year he is encouraged to make a purchase of a little land? I love them to death but things like this kill me.

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Julia said...

Isn't it funny how things can change in a year?

And I didn't know about scheduled posts. I love that idea, too!