Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy cinco de mayo!!!

I seriously have about 3o seconds to blog, but wanted to wish everyone a happy Cinco de Mayo!

I love May 5th, because it is always a great excuse to get together with friends and eat some good food. Usually we go out, but tonight we invited a bunch of people over for dinner and margaritas. At this point we had a lot of people cancel, but I am still excited about an evening of homemade salsa and some laughs!

Oh, and I didn't think work could get much worse, but it did....I am managing my stress well though and I have a great feeling things are going to get better this week and next!


Jen said...

Thinking of you. Hope everything with work goes alright. Meanwhile, enjoy the homemade salsa! (and teach me how to make it???)

Teresa said...

Aw, thanks Jen, you are a sweetie!

I will gladly teach you anytime to make homemade salsa!

Meghan said...

Sorry to hear that work is still rather crappy :( At least margaritas help temporarily, right? Don't worry about the GNO - I haven't had time to really think about it yet anyway...we'll get to it eventually!

Scazar said...

Sorry we wouldn't hang with you guys, the wife doesn't even get home until 7:15 on mondays, and then she still has to shower.

Just follow my philosophy. Punch whoever is causing you problems at work in the throat. Show them how you roll.