Monday, May 12, 2008

More drink recipes

In the past couple months for some reason Nathan and I have been pulling out old drink recipes that we used to make in college and giving them a much needed revile. Hence the recent post about the best drink ever, the Donkey Punch on the Beach. Here are two more oldies but goodies:

Teresa's Berry Martini:
2 shots Bacardi Razz rum
1 shot Wildberry Pucker
1 shot Berry or Fruit Punch Juicy Juicy

Shake with ice, serve in favorite glass. Not really a martini, but very yummy, and the first two ingredients make a great shot too!

Cherry Vodka Sour:
1 part sour mix
1 part Vodka (regular or cherry)
Splash of grenadine

Shake with ice, serve in favorite glass. Not super creative, but still yummy and a great drink to order at any bar that has a special on well drinks.


Mary said...

You should bring a different kind of drink to every GNO. I can bring the booze, and you can bring your bartending genius.

Teresa said...

woohoo! Sounds like a plan to me!