Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's 10:30 pm and I am still awake

I think it is some kind of miracle that I am still wide awake at this time....especially after 3 large berry martinis and a 13 hour work day.

Funny story of the day:

Their was a board of trustees meeting at the college where I work today. They always have a nice catered dinner beforehand in the president's office area and I usually help out in some way, shape, or form with it.

Tonight Boss #1 and I were picking up the food and china from the event and Mike Owens of News channel 5 was waiting with camera man to try and catch the president of the college. (I have no idea why....).

Anyway, Boss #1 pulls out a cart of dishes follow by me with another cart. Owens says to him, "So what was for dinner tonight?" Without skipping a beat Boss #1 says, "Fish, but don't quote me on that!"

Maybe it was the 13 hour work day catching up with me, but I thought that was freaking hilarious!

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Jennifer said...

Hello...Hello...Is anyone there???