Saturday, May 10, 2008

My emotional roller coaster

I have actual sat down to blog about 4 times in the last five days, but everytime I do it is all work, work, work. Work has freaking consumed me yet again. This week should have been great, but more theft occurred and a super ugly termination that directly affects me.

I was proud though, because I feel like I really held myself together. I used to be not be able to handle stress at all. I would totally freak out, cry, puke, the works. And although this week I came close to those points I never really hit them full blast.

However, it has still been a stressful few weeks and I had never looked more forward to a weekend. Especially last night because Nathan and I were just going to run a quick couple errands and then watch a movie. We had both been wanting to see "Feast of Love" with Morgan Freeman and it had just been sitting at our house for over a week waiting to be watched.

What a bad idea. That movie was an emotional roller coaster and that was all it took for me to really let out my emotions. I only occasionally cry while watching movies, but last night I became almost hysterical. The roller coaster of love, death, and a cute English Setter just got to me and I just let it all out. I had one of those cries that makes your throat hurt and get all dry.

I guess in some ways I needed to do that and at least I did it at home and not at work. I just wish I could handle stress in a better way. I have certainly made a lot of improvement, but I am still not at an acceptable level of stress handling. I am sure this will be acquired over time, but I wish it would come quickly.

One big positive I can say is that the past few weeks of work have shown me that I have an amazing support system. It has been great to come home and see positive comments from bloggers. In addition, even though I have mentioned dozens of times that Boss #1 is awesome, the past few weeks have really made me appreciate him and the other couple star employees that have been ready to help me with whatever I need. Thank GOD for good people.


Julia said...

Hang in there, Teresa. Everyone handles stress differently and figuring out what works best for you is a part of life. Try to keep things in perspective and realize that you are going to be fine through all this emotional stuff. Look at the positives and less at the negatives.

Sometimes it helps me to think, "It could ALWAYS be worse." Does that make me a pessimist? Probably. But it helps.

So hang in there! Wine drinking, exercise, a good cry, a good laugh, and just talking it out always help me.

Anonymous said...

Ugh Teresa! It sounds like you NEEDED to watch that movie and get some emotion out. I hope you have a fabulously relaxing weekend, and hopefully now that the thief is gone, things will calm down at work.

Jamie said...

Yuck. Stress stinks. Try and enjoy the weekend and relax...sounds like you really deserve it. Hang in there, girly!

Mary said...

I don't think that you dealt with stress poorly if you got it all out by sobbing during a movie! It's worse for you physical and mental well-being to keep it in. Girl, I know you said you love your job, but it sounds so stressful! Hang in there. Your blogger friends are thinking about you:)

Maria said...

Like others have said, everyone handles stress in their own way. Sometimes getting those emotions out is the best way to release the tension from your body. I hope the rest of your weekend was fabulous. You deserve it!