Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Open letter #2

Dear Nathan, I hope you really did enjoy your birthday yesterday. I am still a little skeptical.

Dear Co-worker, If you have something to say just say it! Don't be like, "Well I was going to tell you something but I think you would mad." Ah, hello, that's like saying, "I have a secret but I can't tell you." Actually, you know what, don't tell me. If it is some kind of criticism I would rather be blissfully ignorant since it wouldn't really serve any person then to just make me subconscious.

Dear Yard, You obviously took my last letter to heart. Thank you so very much for the small sections of grass!! But if you could stop growing so many weeds in the other sections that would be great, thanks.

Dear Roxie, You are so darn cute, but please, please, stop being such a huge PITA. Your evenings of barking and constant needs for attention are getting tiresome.

Dear Job, Thank you for allowing me not to arrive until 6:15 am on Monday. It was really weird to arrive without it being dark, but that was fabulous. In addition, thank you for giving me a relatively normal day.

Dear Wii, You shall not defeat me. I shall master Mario Kart, boxing, and tennis.

Dear Blogspot, Thank you for doing scheduled posting! I heart it and am using it for this post!


Julia said...

I love the open letters:)

emma o said...

i really like this format too! i may even steal it someday :)