Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pissed off

I am pissed for several reasons at the moment.

Nathan learned that he will be on night shifts for the next two weeks. Effective TODAY. He actually went in at 9 and they told him to go home and come back later. Effing bullshit for sure. What employer does that? At least call him before he goes in or not start him on these shifts until you give him at least some notice!!! Plus, we have plans on Friday night and now he is supposed to work. It's total crap.

Maybe this is god's way of clearing up his schedule during the day so he can go on some interviews. At least I hope that's the "grand plan".

A couple other things are on my mind too, but I better not post. But, just for those of you keeping score out there, it isn't work related. Surprising right?

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