Saturday, January 3, 2009

Summary of my down time...

Even with not working the end of December was crazy busy for me. Besides seeing tons of family, I got to see some great friends, including my "Man of Honor", Matt, who lives in Boston. We both aren't phone people so when we get together twice a year (Christmas and Summer) we always have to cram in about 6 months of life into a couple days of drinking coffee, having dinner, and possibly even splitting a bottle of wine. But it always works, and he is always helpful to put some things into perspective for me.

Besides the socializing, I have been cooking like crazy. Makes sauces and soups to freeze, in addition to trying to create a few new things like enchilada sauce (big failure, BTW). I also tried to get a jump start on a few of my 29 in 09, but I am incredibly discouraged because I thought I would be getting more accomplished.

But some things like doing work from home and trying to do a lot of gym time have been getting in the way. I've also done of my fair share of lying around, but I honestly still feel burnt out on work and I'm not going back on Monday as "refreshed" as I would like to be.

Ah, what can you do? Hopefully I will start back on more regular blogging next week.

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