Wednesday, December 31, 2008

29 in 09

I've been on blogging hiatus with the crazy holidays and a possible dying computer that I have only used for a few minutes a day because I am scared it is on its leg. So today I am actually blogging from my cell phone (so please excuse any typos or crappy format) so I can finally post my 29 in 09. I decided to do this instead of 101 in 1001.

*Italics means completed.

1. Make/start at least 4 cheeses besides mozzerella.

2. Plant a veggie garden.

3. Host at least one gathering a month can be big or small just must involve good friends.

4. Develop an accurate budget tracking system.

5. Workout at least 3 days a week at the gym or doing some kind of physical activity.

6. Start taking classes either towards my Masters or to learn something new.

7. Install a fence.

8. Get another dog.

9. Teach a friend how to cook.

10. Reorganize and deep clean the kitchen.

11. Write at least 3 blogs a week.

12. Organize all closets.

13. Buy a digital camera.

14. Cancel our cable.

15. Visit family more.

16. Use more natural cleaning methods.

17. Make homemade produce bags.

18. Do a blog makeover.

19. Get more then just a basic knowledge of Excel.

20. Start composting.

21. Finish the Twilight series.

22. Find a good church and actually go.

23. Try at least one new wine a month.

24. Organize recipes into binder.

25. Go camping at least 4 times this year.

26. Take a long weekend trip with Nathan besides camping.

27. Comment more on blogs

28. Keep my home office more organized.

29. Make a successful sourdough bread and stop buying sandwich bread from the store.


LucyinStLou said...

What a great list. Happy 2009.

N. said...

Great goals for 2009! Happy New Year!

sarah said...

How about this - you teach me to cook and I teach you everything you ever wanted to know about Excel. Two things off your list! :)

Happy New Year, chickadee!

Jen said...

Sounds like a good goal list for the year! Looking forward to hearing about the accomplishments - happy 2009!

Mary said...

Let me know if you need help with #23:)

Claire said...

Damn, Sarah beat me to the punch... I really do want to learn how to cook, I have just know a little. I've been told that I'm an Excel goddess, though...that might be a bit much, but I'll take my applause when I can get it!

Claire said...

Oh, & at least 1 new wine a month? Say no more, just come on over!