Thursday, January 8, 2009

Random Thursday

Hopefully someone out there enjoys reading random posts as much as I do.

#1 Random: I am surviving on about 2-3 hours of sleep. Roxie whined and cried off and on all night because Duke was sleeping in the living room and she was in a different room in her crate. Usually she settles down pretty quick at night, but last night she was upset. I am praying tonight will be better.

#2 Random: This morning I ate an orange. This is big because I am not a big fan of fruit besides apples, and it really bums me out. I would love to be able to enjoy a variety of fresh fruits. Today's orange was a big step. Today an orange, tomorrow the world!

#3 Random: I am wearing my favorite Kelly Green button up sweater today and 30 minutes into work a button came off. And it wasn't a top or bottom one, it was one right in the middle. Grrrr, don't you hate it when that happens?

#4 Random: Work is super slow this week, and thank God for that. I needed an easy week to transition back because I was so dreading coming back from winter break.

#5 Random: A fellow blogger has graciously offered to give me her old digital camera. Today when I got the email confirming I actually said out loud, "Holla!". And I am not going to lie, there might have been a little arm action too.

Happy Thursday!


Trisha said...

YAY for random posts!

YAAAAAY for new cameras! =D
(I give her props, I don't know how she parts with it. . .I have all 168183 of my old cameras, just sitting in one of my drawers. HEY, they could be collector's items some day! ha)

N. said...

I can't wait for more pics on the blog!!
And, yea for the orange. What about dried fruit; do you like it?

Mary said...

Clementines are way better than oranges, IMO. They are so much easier to peel too.

Can you put Roxie and Duke in the same room to sleep? Maybe she just wants to snuggle with him and will go to sleep?

Teresa said...

No, I don't really like dried fruit either, except blurberries. I used to use them a lot when I did catering and I loved them.

Teresa said...

Mary, we separated the dogs last night. Roxie loves Duke, but Duke is still warming up to Roxie's charms. We may try putting them in the same room tonight though.

Leftturnyielder said...

Staple the sweater shut.