Friday, January 30, 2009

My tastebuds (and waistline!) are in love.

This year our cafeteria has really got some good products. Besides the addition of the iced coffee machine, we also got some bottle Starbucks products (I love my double shots!) and some yummy indivdual servings of Silk soy milk.

But my favorite addition by far is not one of our great new beverages. It's is the Morning Star Veggie Burgers. Specifically, the Spicy Black Bean.

Now let me just say, a few years ago I hated everything Morning Star. I religiously flocked to the Boca Burger and a couple months ago vowed to start making my own homemade veggie burgers, but after having one of these recently I am in love!! I don't know if the ones we get commercially are exactly the same in store, but the ingredients are incredibly similar.

And upon looking at the ingredients I was overjoyed to see that my burger has a mere 130 calories. I usually wrap it in lettuce with some onions, hot sauce, and a small amount of reduced calorie ranch easily making this sandwich under 200 calories, and I seriously CRAVE them. I have been eating one almost every work day for over a week.

So now I am wondering if this treat of a lunch is what is really helping my weight loss. I started losing more than weeks prior, and I haven't even been to the gym because of the snow and Lila.

Either way, I'll take it. Bring it on Morning Star!!


Sarah said...

they have an asian veggie flavor too that i am loving. it has real ginger in it. mmmmm. those are only 100 calories per patty! i eat two for breakfast with a little ff greek yogurt on top.

Claire said...

Are they really that good? I love black beans, but not too many vegetables.

Jenn said...

Hmmm...I'll have to check these out. I'm a huge Boca fan and have hated all the Morning Star stuff I've tried, but maybe these are new???

mxq said...

no! really? HATED morningstar?!? i've loved every single thing i've tried. their pizza burgers are amazing too- only 130 cals. i love the asian and the garden veggies too.

Margot Is Your Hero said...

Found you from Claire Uncorked and have to say I was right there with you! I had only liked Morningstar veggie corndogs (yeah, I know...) but when my husband brought it home when I sent him out for Boca - I didn't want to waste it.

It's my new love. I also like the American Grillers (if I remember correctly), but the black bean is my favorite - I like to serve it with fresh mango.