Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Meet Duke

Ok, everyone, meet Duke. Duke is my Aunt's dog is going to be staying with us anywhere from two weeks to forever. It's a long story that I am too tired to tell at the moment. Anyway, my Aunt, Mom, and grandparents are leaving next week for a trip and Duke is staying with us at least through that period.
So far he doesn't know quite what to make of everything. Plus, he is an older dog so Roxie's puppy like energy is only tolerable to him for so long.
This isn't the best pic but I was trying to show his size...I would say he is 25 pounds, 30 max so Roxie towers over him.

I am sure this match will have many blog worthy stories in the near future!


LucyinStLou said...

He's adorable and looks super sweet. I'm sure he and Roxie will become good friends.

Jen said...

May be a long story, but he's way cute and looks like Roxie already loves him :)

Amy said...

so cute, they will be friends before long! :)

i think she might be part beagle??

Anonymous said...

Welcome Duke!!