Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Bella Vita review

A couple nights ago I had the pleasure of meeting newlywed Jamie for a drink. We were both somewhat indecisive on where to go, so I suggested we try a wine bar that I knew wasn't too far from either of us. I had secretly wanted to try Bella Vita ever since Claire posted a review about it on her blog.

I think Claire's review is pretty much dead on. And thank God I read it before I went, or else I think I would have driven right by the huge strip mall figuring it could never be home to such a cool little wine bar.

I quickly found out that I was going to get to taste some wines that I were a little on the higher end of what I am used to purchasing (which isn't a whole lot...I usually spend between $15-$20 on a bottle), so I was pleased that I was going to get to taste some new wines. I am a big fan of Italian wines and reds, so I immediately tried the Podre 414 Morelino. It was oh soo good. Jamie and I both tried a few others, and I was able to talk her into trying a couple other yummy Italian reds.

We also ordered the Baked Brie and Pepperoni Pizza (just a coincidence that it was just what Claire ordered!) and they were pretty tasty as well. A tad pricey for what you get, but still yummy.

So I am officially giving Bella Vita two thumbs up. Not a perfect place by any means, but still very nice. I am hoping Jamie and I (and maybe a few more ladies?) can return there in the near future.

If you decide to go in for a drink or a few tastes, just be sure to read Claire's review so you can learn about the cool endoline system and what you can expect to find at Bella Vita.

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Claire said...

I just now saw this!

Glad I could be of service... You're right, not a perfect place at all, but it's getting better all the time. I totally approve of their new manager - she worked at The Merch for years & really knows her wine. I'll probably go back in November to see what new stuff she's had brought in.