Monday, October 13, 2008

A great quote from Write in my Journal....

If you aren't reading Write in my Journal, you should.

I really liked this quote from today's post:

"Sometimes through writing you begin to understand what you believe. You can’t decide what you believe, if you had to decide what you believe in you truly do not believe it."

Also the post right before it is full of good stuff from a man named Emilo.


Jenn said...

WOW - I've never seen that blog before. Thanks!

"The greatest advice I have ever gotten was from my best friend, Jenet, she said that what you hate most in other people is always something that you contain in yourself as well."

So true!

LucyinStLou said...

In high school I went to writing camp. (Yup, I'm still a dork.) Anyway, at the end, we got tshirts with a quote from, I think ee cummings. The quote was:
"How do I know what I think until I see what a write?" So true!