Friday, August 8, 2008

What a disappointing book

I am honestly, and truly bummed out. I found "Not Buying It, My Year Without Shopping" earlier this week at the library and I was sooo excited to read it. Unfortunately, it was very different than I expected.
Description from Amazon:
"Other than phenomenal willpower and maxed-out credit cards, what does it take to simply stop purchasing for 12 months? Levine took the plunge--and found it irritating, exhilarating, thought provoking, and humiliating--among many other conflicting emotions. What's an inexpensive substitute for Q-tips? How to best gift a soon-to-be college graduate without spending any money? How to avoid the consumption seduction that lurks in every corner? Levine chronicles her feelings in this almost-weekly diary of the year of nonpurchasing. Many of her points are intentionally provocative; for instance, not buying makes her feel vulnerable and having to ask for help."
What this description doesn't tell you is that 90% of the book is the author's feelings on politics that in a really backwards way relate to the economy and her spending. Now I love hearing other people's political points of view, but what I really wanted to read this week was a book about not spending money and how the author struggled. I mean, what DID they do without Q tips? What did they do when something broke and it needed to be fixed with something that weren't permitting themselves to buy? What affect did not spending have on her and her partner's relationship?
Hopefully "Frugal Luxuries" will be better.

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