Monday, August 11, 2008

Fabulous weekend

I was really very lucky to have a totally wonderful weekend. Nathan and I slept in on Saturday, ran a few errands, and then took a pretty kick ass taco bar over to our friends Matt and Coley's house for a very awesome game night. The usual happened, we stuffed ourselves, played with their adorable son Seth and quite amazing dog Tucker, and the ladies beat the men to the point that they were embarrassed.

Sunday started out great with our long awaited float down the Meramec. It was great and relaxing until a couple hours in when I realized I forgot to put any sunblock on. Not a huge deal though, because last time this float took us just under three hours and we had already been out there almost two hours. I was oh, so wrong. Last time the river was moving fast, but yesterday was a completely different story. After five hours with virtually no stopping we were finished.

My face and legs were a tad pink , but I didn't think it was too bad. I was again, oh so wrong. I took a shower and started shaking because I felt so cold. Like, heavy, uncontrollable shaking. Nathan suggested I go lay down and about an hour later he checked on me and used some WebMD home treatments on me. They totally helped, but of course today I am still in freaking pain.

Now I look like a big red tomato. I don't think I will be forgetting the sunblock again anytime soon!


Jen said... :)

Sorry you got so fried and hope you don't peel too bad - that's never fun.

Julia said...

Oh geez, being that burnt is freaking unbearable. Sleeping is the worst part!