Saturday, August 2, 2008

"Money, Money, Money.....Money!"

Lately Nathan and I have been feeling the heat of our summer (and spring) spending. I've decided it is time to take some super drastic measures to get out lives and budget back on track.

We have a plan for August and a very vague plan for September which is very dependent on how August goes. Our main focus is to cut down our spending on going out, groceries, and all the other misc stuff that we end up spending money on that may not be a 100% necessity.

To keep myself on track I have been reading one of my favorite blogs, Sustainable Style. As you may recall my mentioning before, Sustainable Style is no longer with us and I am sooo terribly sad. But through the magic of Google Reader I still have access to all the entries written.

Today I was paging through and found this link. A great, short article on how to avoid spending peer pressure. Of course, some of it is pretty common sense, but reminders of what can help save us money is exactly what Nathan and I need. It also has some great other info on Frugal Living that I plan to read.

I also have an eye on some books at the library that could be pretty cool...I'll be sure and post more once I become a wealth of practical financial knowledge.

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