Thursday, August 21, 2008

I don't even know what to title this

Tonight at about 6 I was in the middle of relaxing/waiting for the spanish rice to finish when my cell phone rang.

Me: Hello?

Boss #3: Hey Teresa it's (Boss #3).

Me: Oh hey (Boss #3).

Boss #3: I don't suppose you are still at FP are you?

Me: No, what's up?

Boss #3: Well, I just got a call from the corporate office in KC campus police called and someone vandalized one of our vehicles. I don't know why they called KC or if it was a vending truck or the K-8 or how bad the damage is.

Me: (sigh) Alright, I will head over there and call you back.

Somebody broke into our vending truck. The good news is the mf-ers didn't get anything because we don't leave anything on the truck besides some chips and soda. Ha! Take that you little shits!

After talking to the campus police, securing the truck, making some calls, and doing a precautionary check of the vending machines, I headed for home. It was starting to just freaking pour down rain so I got off 44 and cut through Kirkwood to avoid some crazy highway drivers. As I am sitting waiting for the light to change, BAM! Somebody hit me.

Once the light changed we both pulled into a parking lot. The woman was practically in tears. I checked out my bumper and it just had a little dent and scratch from one of the screws of the license plate. I told her I wasn't concerned about it and she looked like she wanted to freaking kiss me out of sheer joy. Life is just too short to make a big deal out of one dent, plus I still have my pending insurance claim from December and even though neither accident was my fault, I don't think another claim would be much help at this point. Maybe (hopefully) some good karma will come my way? All I can really do is laugh.

One good thing.....somehow my Spanish rice came out freaking perfect! I had cut the heat off when I left and didn't move it from the stove. When I got home I expected it to be overcooked, but it was freaking perfect!

My new motto maybe, "It's ok to have a bad day as long as you don't ruin the rice!"


Juan & Katie said...

Wow, what a day!! At least the rice came out great for you.

Julia said...

I'm glad you can keep perspective on things like this! Hang in there, and congrats on the rice.