Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Presenting my $.38 lunch

You have probably noticed quite the increase in posting lately. Well, that has largely to do with the fact that I took vacation days today and yesterday. One of my favorite perks to being off during the week is that I can cook my lovely husband lunch. Today I was craving the french bread pizza I created over the weekend when I had the brilliant idea to bake a big loaf of french bread, cut it down the middle and top it with some yummy pizza toppings.

Here is the lunch sized version I made today with the mini baguette loaves I have ready to bake in my refrigerator:

It was about six inches long and a couple inches across...the perfect size for lunch. And because of my new found food budget I decided to cost out exactly how much this yummy little pizza cost. This was really easy to do because I had bought almost everything this weekend and I still have the receipt, plus I used to have to constant price out food at work so I have all those conversions in my head.
So here's the breakdown for one pizza:
The French bread half comes out to about .08 this includes the price of flour, salt, water and just a tiny amount of olive oil that I put on the dough while it is rising.
The generous tbsp of sauce is .02
The 5 slices of pepperoni are .08
The cheese is what was most expensive at .20
Grand total is $ .38! Too bad every meal can't be this cheap.
Tomorrow is back to the reality of work ...boo.....


beth said...

no yeast in that bread?

Jenn said...

This post is cracking me up! If you made it for me it would only cost you $.30 since you'd be leaving off the pep!