Friday, August 8, 2008

Lets take a break from the budget for a minute

I realized today that I totally forgot to post that my playlist ended up winning one of the slots in the radio contest! It played last night and I almost forgot to tune in and hear it.

On a related note, when I submitted the playlist I included a little tribute to my Dad. It just said that he was one of the big reasons I started to listening to many different kinds of music and he is the coolest, blah, blah, blah.

The convo with my Dad went something like this:

"Dad, did you get my email about my playlist being on air next Thursday."
"Yeah, Teresa, that is pretty cool."
"So you are going to listen, right?"
"Well, you know, your mom and I have golf on Thursday nights."
"Uh, yeah, I know, but you don't have a radio in the golf cart or one that you can bring?"
"But I freaking dedicated it to aren't even gonna listen?"
"We have GOLF."

My father's life seriously revolves around golf. He has set playing days/leagues on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays. Plus, he usually goes every Sunday and at least one more day that week and that is even in the winter. As long as there isn't snow on the ground he is golfing.

When Nathan and I got married on a Saturday at noon my Dad was seriously considering golfing that morning. Which may not have been a big deal, but my mom, sisters and I did the food for all 350 guests as well as the cakes, and decorations. So on the day of their was a ton of stuff to do. When he didn't make it onto the course that day, and I think right before we walked down the aisle he said something about not being able to golf.

Of course, he was joking. And I wasn't seriously thinking he should cancel his Thursday game to listen to my "hour of fame" on the radio. I just wonder, when I eventually (in like 10 years) have a child will my Dad be at the hospital if I go into labor on a Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday? Or will I get, "We have GOLF."


Juan & Katie said...

Aww, I'm sorry your dads life is consumed with golf. That was really sweet of you though and pretty awesome that you won!

Jamie said...

Do you know we are having a 630pm wedding mass so FI and his groomsmen can play golf?!

Maria said...

Okay, you and your mom/sisters are superwomen!! I can't believe you did the food, cake and decorations for your wedding!! That is so awesome and very impressive.