Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Following up about the cleaning methods

My wonderful sister Beth asked about if the more all natural and cheap cleaning methods I was talking about actually worked. While I haven't used all the products I mentioned in the post because I haven't used up some of my other cleaners, the products I have used work.

Ever since Kristal posted this I have been experimenting with white vinegar and water. I have yet to use it on carpet stains because I still have carpet cleaner, but for general clean up it is great.

I have always used lemon juice when something greats greasy on our stove and it works well.

Some links that I found when I started researching cheaper cleaning methods:

Safer Solutions This one is great because it gives a couple helpful links about specific products
Vinegar Uses I had looked at a book at Borders yesterday while I was killing time that was completely dedicated to all the uses of vinegar. This site has a lot of similar ones, and it gives specific amounts of how much vinegar to use in specific cleaning situations.

I will post more as I find them! I am headed to the library today so hopefully I can get a few more tips this week.

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beth said...

I used vinegar and baking soda with a scrub-brush on my bathtub today. Worked great! I'm out of baking soda now though....