Tuesday, April 8, 2008

an open letter

I am stealing this idea from STLwed.....an open letter:

Dear blog readers that comment,
I really appreciate your concern about my crappy work situation. This week it appears the situation is resolved for at least the time being and I don't have to fear about losing my job.

Dear team member,
If you don't think I am smart enough to realize that you stir up shit with other team members, then you are underestimating me. Please discontinue this behavior. It will not help you in the long run.

Dear Boss #1,
I did mean it when I told you that you could use me as an excuse to your semi-crabby mood. I think it would be believable that my new "diet" is making me cranky and that new cranky attitude is rubbing off on you.

Dear Boss #2,
I may kill fellow manager that you supervise and I just wanted to let you that upfront.

Dear fellow manager just mentioned,
You have been making my job VERY difficult. I am now going to have clean up a mess that YOU made and I don't appreciate it. Just because you don't give a damn about following procedure doesn't mean you have to screw over those of us that do.

Dear Weather,
For the love of God, please stop all this rain! You are making yard work impossible.

Dear Yard,
You are ghetto, but just because you have accepted defeat doesn't mean I have to. Start regrowing the grass already!

Dear Husband's company,
I love having my husband on day shift. We are able to accomplish so much more instead of trying to cram in all projects and errands on the weekend. Please do not all of a sudden schedule a training group at night and ruin my happiness.

Dear Husband,
I love seeing you during the evenings. I love the fact that you agreed to try and be healthier by going on this meal plan. Thank you for driving my drunk ass home on Saturday night and not complaining about it.

Dear Jenn and Brian,
I will never again say in your presence, "I will drink, but I can't drink too much because I don't want to be hungover tomorrow." Because obviously this was the kiss of death. I will also never ask you to step foot in that bar again, but I can't promise I won't ever try to make you "sing" karaoke again, because that is just too much fun.

Dear stomach,
I get you are starving, get over it. The first week is going to be the worst.


Jennifer said...

Dear Teresa (and Nathan) -

I had a blast Saturday night - seriously!! I loved hanging out and can't wait to do it again, but this time we have to add in Kristal and Chad. I'm sure Chad would have been highly amused by our drunk asses.

Oh, and now that you're heard me "sing" I can almost gaurentee taht you'll never want to hear it again!!!

Kristal said...

LOL! I'm thanking my lucky stars that we didn't join you guys, cause no way would I have been able to pull my ass out of bed and tile the freaking floors.

Which brings me to my next point.

Teresa, this weekend was actually gorgeous, warm and sunny. Perfect for yard work. But, you just choose to squander yours away with alcohol. ;)

Julia said...

Love it.

I love the note to your yard the best, though. Hey, at least you HAVE a freaking yard. Ours [my in-laws] still has a hunk of snow/ice in it. No joke.