Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cards game with a side of embarrassment

My company did a really great job with the St. Louis employee appreciation this year. Boss #1 gave Boss # 2 the idea to rent a party room at a Cards game complete with buffet, beer, soda, the works. Totally great considering they could still do the meeting portion in one of the stadiums conference rooms before and then have a get together that almost any St. Louisian would enjoy.

Of course, it rained most of the day Friday, which in combination with St. Louis traffic caused me to be 5ish minutes late. Ick, five minutes late I hate being late, especially for a work function (nope, not the embarrassment referred to in the title) but many were running late so I didn't feel too bad.

When I arrived at the conference room I was greet by boss #2 and #3 in addition to some higher ups of the company including the owner. The meeting finally started and we all introduced ourselves, said what unit we were at, how long we had been with the company, and our favorite thing about working for this company. Then, the company did some awards. The last was the biggest one, kind of like the employee of the year aka Outstanding Achievement for 2008. Boss #3 announced my name and I was totally shocked. I blushed and smiled like an idiot (nope not embarrassed yet) and listed to him talk about me for about five minutes. I was totally honored and ecstatic. While others may not of felt like that was a big deal I definitely did. Not only will this look great on a resume but I got a kick ass glass plaque.

After a wrap up we headed into the game, which was amazingly starting on time. The President of the company was just now joining us because his flight had been delayed. We all dug into the food and tried to stay warm, because unfortunately our party room was open air. Which would have been perfect on a warm day, but it was a little cold and windy. I began socializing and introducing myself to a few of the higher ups, and getting reacquainted with the ones that already knew me.

Unfortunately, no had a ton of no shows and a lot of people left around the 3rd inning. I was shocked so many were leaving because we were playing great, it was a Friday night, and we still had lots of food and beer to consume. I wasn't going anywhere because Nathan, Jenn, and Brian all had great seats and we were going out afterwards.

At about the 4th inning I asked boss #3 if he would care if I went and got all three of them and brought them into the party room.

The conversation went like this:
"Um, boss #3, would you mind if I grabbed a few of the extra tickets and brought my husband and two friends up here?"
"Yeah! Lets go get them!"
"Are you sure Mr. President won't mind a few crashers?"
"No, no, he won't freaking care!"

And believe me, he didn't care. About 10 minutes into Nathan, Jenn, and Brian joining us all introductions were made and they began drinking and socializing. I walked away for about five minutes to chat with a couple other co-workers and I turn around to see Mr. President laughing with Nathan, Jenn, and Brian who were just a tad tipsy. Then I hear Brian say something, something, shit. And then Nathan with something, something shit. Que embarrassment. I walk back over to the four of the name laughing hysterically. Mr. President turns to me and says, "Teresa these guys are great!" Um, ok. They precede to talk about scotch, baseball, and other random topics.

A few minutes later Mr. President realizes he is spending more time with my friends then the people that actually work for him and he excuses himself for a bit. I pull on Nathan and Brian and say, "You guys were fing cursing with the President of my company!!!" They proceed to tell me that before they started Mr. President said, "Come on, we've got to drink this beer! I paid for this shit!"

It was a long and interesting evening that I won't forget anytime soon.


Maria said...

Congratulations on your award. That is awesome!! It sounds like everyone had a great time. :-)

Jennifer said...

I really hope we didn't embarrass you too badly. Mr. President was a super nice guy who did indeed say we had to drink "the shit" and bet me for shots of scotch!

Brigid said...

Oh you can for sure get to knoew me better. Just keep me in the loop for G2Gs and GNOs.

It is the people I haven't met in person that makes me VERY cautious.

Email me at anytime.

Teresa said...

Lol Jenn. I am sure you guys didn't start it and he did..... still a funny story though.