Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

Seriously, has this been the longest week ever for anyone else? Work has been ok, but crazy busy. And my two nights of staying up until *gasp* 10 or later has left me feeling tired but also restless.

Luckily, I took my restlessness to the streets and Roxie and I went for a long walk. She loves doing that and with all the rain, it hasn't been happening very often. Plus, I feel myself getting unhealthy so I need to get back to walking her regularly.

And on the unhealthy note, Nathan has agreed to join me in starting watching what we eat. I don't really like the word "diet" but we are definitely going to be cutting back on lots of the foods that are terrible for us. I have been trying to be healthier forever and it has always been a challenge because Nathan doesn't do it with me, and now finally he wants to make the effort! :) And he has agreed to do evening walks with Roxie and I which is super exciting because Roxie and I love walking buddies.

So over the next few weeks feel free to ask how "the quest to be healthy" is going. It will definitely be motivation to keep it going if people are asking.


Julia said...

Kudos to you for eating healthier!

And nothing tragic happened yet, did it?

Teresa said...

No, nothing yet, but the feeling remains.